Take Years Off of Your Smile

Approaches to a Beautiful White Smile

Are you self-conscious about the way your teeth look? Are they stained, yellow, or appear to be much more discolored than they did in the past? If so, then choosing to whiten your teeth can naturally remove deep-set tooth discoloration and help your smile look whiter and younger once again.

How Does Whitening Work?

Whitening using professional-grade products is a natural process. Your teeth are very porous, and over time they collect stains from the foods or drinks that you have on a daily basis. By implementing a peroxide-based whitening gel, the solution helps to oxidize and break up deep-set stain particles inside of the tooth enamel. This causes dramatic whitening of your tooth enamel in a fairly short period of time.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

The quickest way to get whiter teeth is to select in-office teeth whitening. A light-activated whitening gel allows dark or severe stain to be lifted in just one or two applications, taking only about an hour to complete. Patients that select this type of whitening will walk out of the office with teeth that are several shades lighter than when they walked in an hour prior. Most patients who select in-office whitening will also take home a professional kit for follow-up and maintenance.

Professional Take Home Whitening Kits

Customized whitening trays and prescription strength gel are the most efficient way to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. The custom-made tray keeps professional whitening gel right where it should be, creating an even appearance and preventing tissue irritation. First time whitening may take 1-2 weeks, wearing the tray for just one or a few hours a day.

Extend Your Whitening Results

Wearing custom mouth trays with prescription strength gel is one of the best ways to maintain and extend the life of your teeth whitening. Most people touch up their whitening after their routine cleanings, for a few applications over the next week. If you are a smoker or drink lots of coffee, tea, or other item that causes severe dental staining, then you may want to touch up as often as every 3 months.

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Take Years Off of Your Smile

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