A History of Dedicated Patient Care

Dentists That Focus on What Matters Most

Lakeview Dental Care was founded by practicing dentists that had a goal to provide attentive dentistry in a way that was consistent no matter which dentist you are visiting with. We fulfill this goal by always placing the patient first. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to listening to individual concerns of every patient that comes into our office. The ideology and treatment methods of the dentists at all Lakeview Dental Care locations remain consistent, no matter which of our locations you decide to visit.

A Common Focus

Drs. Eric Forte and Jonathan Hill came together and adopted the name Lakeview Dental in 2007 for their original office in Gibbsboro, NJ. As the years progressed and other offices joined their group, it was clear they were becoming something bigger. As a result, in 2013, they formed Lakeview Dental Care and united their offices. Both doctors grew up in the area, and brought their education back to the towns of their youth. Each artistic in nature, their careful eyes and compassion for patient needs helped Lakeview Dental Care grow. In order to accommodate their patients, other doctors gradually joined their team. Not just any doctors, only those who shared the same practice ideology that they had already been providing to patients. Dr. Raskas, Dr. Milgram, Dr. Seitomer, and Dr. DeVries joined Lakeview Dental Care as dentists who share the same philosophy as Drs. Forte and Hill. As a result, Lakeview Dental Care continued to expand and provide big smiles across all of South Jersey.

The Future of Lakeview Dental Care

We believe our focus on the patient as an individual has helped us to grow into a convenient multi-location practice. Without our patients, we could not be where we are today. As we continue to provide for more people and their families, it has become obvious that we will need to continue to expand into outlying areas of our communities. Our patients can rest assured that we will only add dentists and team members that reflect the skills and expertise of our original founders. No matter which one of our office locations you decide to visit, you can expect to get the same attention and care from each one of Lakeview Dental Care’s dentists and their team members.

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A History of Dedicated Patient Care

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