Affordable Dental Plans with Lakeview Dental Care

No dental insurance? No problem! At Lakeview Dental Care, we value convenience, trust, & affordability above all else.
Our Membership Plans allow us to provide the highest quality of dental care to all patients, regardless of whether or not you have insurance.

Quality Dental Care Without Insurance

With our Membership Plans, you can have access to:

  • Teeth cleanings
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • X-Rays
  • Emergency Dental Services
  • Under the gum cleanings
  • Additional discounts on pr for the whole family

We accept patients with all health conditions – you cannot be denied coverage! Unlike insurance, our Membership Plans have no deductibles or health questions!

Adult Dental Care Plans

We offer multiple Adult Dental Care plans designed to fix your needs! For every member of your family 14 & up, choose the plan that’s best for you & you’ll get instant access to top-of-the-line dental care for a fraction of the cost!

Child Dental Care Plans

At Lakeview Dental Care, we provide expert care to each member of your family. Our Child Complete plan covers children ages 13 & under & provides a number of routine & emergency dental services for less. With additional discounts, your family can save hundreds of dollars a year!

Savings available by adding additional family members!

Please contact us if you have questions about how to get covered if you don’t have dental insurance.

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