Don’t Wear Yellow on Your Wedding Day

The only things you want to be yellow on your wedding day are the things planned to be yellow – the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, the linens. One thing you definitely don’t want to be yellow? Your smile!

When you’re the center of attention on the happiest day your life, & thousands of pictures are being snapped by the hour, the last thing you want to draw attention to is a dull, dingy smile. A professional whitening from our Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro or Linwood dental office can help!

A professional teeth whitening from your Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro or Linwood dentist is your best option to get the dazzling smile you want in the fastest time, with longest lasting results, & without any unwanted side effects. We can work together to determine the ideal solution to get your smile its best white.

While some of our patients may think it’s easier & cheaper to whiten their smiles using over-the-counter products, we’d like to encourage a visit to us before choosing a smile whitening system. Some smile whitening options can actually damage your smile & can even lead to pain. And we don’t want our patients to experience any damage or pain when they’re preparing for their big event!

Many over-the-counter whitening kits have trays or strips that contain the whitening solution. However, since these trays are not custom fitted, the solution can leak onto gums & cause irritation. Additionally, some over-the-counter whiteners can cause tooth sensitivity, & are sometimes ineffective at giving you your desired results.

With a quick visit to our dental office in Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro or Linwood, we can figure out how to successfully & safely get your pearly whites bright & ready for all the attention. If a whitening treatment isn’t for you, we can talk about alternatives like porcelain veneers or tooth bonding. Either way, we’ll help get your smile ready for your big day!

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Teeth Whitening for your Wedding

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