5 Surprising Ways You’re Ruining Your Teeth

You know that it’s important to brush at least twice a day. You know we always recommend that you floss at least once a day. And you know the importance of keeping up with your regularly scheduled visits at our dental office in Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, & Linwood. But there are some everyday things that you may be doing that could cause damage to your smile, & you don’t even know it!

Your Toothbrush

Yes, your toothbrush can be causing some undesired results if you don’t brush correctly or use the right type. If you brush hard or use vigorous, horizontal strokes, you can actually wear away your enamel. Using a brush with hard bristles can also cause damage. At our Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, & Linwood dental offices we traditionally recommend using soft bristles & brushing in small circles, instead.


Teeth whitening is a safe way to get a brighter, whiter smile. The problem arises when the whitening is done too often. Excessive whitening can lead to irritation, sensitivity, & even a smile that’s too white. Yes, it’s possible to have a too white smile! If you’re interested in professional whitening, the best place to start is right here at our dental offices in Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, & Linwood.

Using Teeth as Tools

We’ve all been there; we’ve all done it. That pesky bag of chips that won’t open. The stubborn packing tape that refuses to rip. Instead of reaching for the scissors for safe & easy opening, we pull the troublesome item to our mouths & use our teeth as convenient tools. Using your teeth as tools can lead to broken teeth, damaged restorations, & injuries to the soft tissues in your mouth.

Playing Without a Mouth Guard

If you play a contact sport – professionally, in high school, on an adult league, anytime, anywhere – you need to have a mouth guard. We prefer you use a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist in Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, or Linwood as they are designed & created specifically for you & protect your smile better than “boil-and-bite” guards found at the store, & are more comfortable.

Chewing Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are hard. Hard enough to chip away the enamel on your teeth or even lead to a broken tooth if chewed. Also, using your teeth to crunch those floating chunks of ice in your lemonade could compromise restorations.

Whether you’re guilty of any of these habits or not, keeping your smile healthy & beautiful requires a mix of a healthy at-home routine, knowing what can cause damage to your teeth & avoiding these culprits, & maintaining visits with your Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, or Linwood dentist. If you’re due for your checkup, or if you happen to have a dental emergency caused by these dental dangers, give our dental office a call. We’re here to keep you smiling!

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