Nervous About the Dentist? Top 4 Pointers to Help

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Maybe it’s the sound of the drill. Perhaps it’s the smell. Or it could be a lingering bad memory. No matter the reason, the fact remains that 80 million Americans aren’t getting the dental care they need because of dental fear. At our dental offices in Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, Linwood, & Washington Township offices, we recognize this very real anxiety, we understand, & we’d like to help.

Avoiding the dentist can have serious effects on your oral & whole-body health. Many whole-body ailments are linked to oral health, & not taking proper care of one directly influences the other. Gum disease, for example, can lead to other problems including heart disease, increased risk for strokes, & even cancer. This connection makes conquering dental fear extremely important for a long & healthy life.

How to Ease Dental Nervousness

  • Talk to Friends & Family. Speaking with those close to you about their dental experiences & their individual dentists can not only help ease some concerns, it can start you on the journey to finding the right dentist for you. Ask friends or family members what they like about their dentists, check the doctors out online, & read reviews. Then pick up the phone & schedule an appointment. This is always the first step towards easing anxieties.
  • Be Honest. Honesty goes a long way, especially when we’re talking about your health. Be honest with the dental team from your first phone call. Make sure they know you’re not 100% comfortable or relaxed about visiting. Then once you get there, talk with them & the doctor about your fears. Dental anxiety is common & dental teams have training to help.
  • Keep Talking. One of the most important things you can do is establish trust with your dentist. Talk to him & ask questions. Make sure he understands your concerns. He should talk to you about each treatment, what to expect, & even discuss a signal to use if you do become anxious during treatment.
  • Bring a Distraction. Sometimes, being in the dental chair alone can trigger nervousness. Your mouth is open, you’re lying back, someone’s hands are in your mouth, & it can feel very claustrophobic. Some practices offer patient comforts for exactly this reason. If your dentist doesn’t, bring some music or an audio book, practice deep breathing, or put on some sunglasses.

If you’ve been suffering from dental anxiety, give our offices a call. We’ll never lecture you or make you feel embarrassed. In fact, we’ll talk with you about your concerns & work together to get you the care you need, all while ensuring you’re at ease & comfortable every step of the way.

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