Holiday Stress & Your Teeth

It’s that time again. Time for feasts, family, shopping, & all the craziness the holidays bring. Between scheduling parties, buying presents, cooking food, & finding room for the in-laws who just told you last week they’re staying the whole month (ahh!!), stress levels are bound to be high. When we’re stressed, our bodies can become compromised. So can our teeth.

Clenching, Grinding, & Jaw Pain

Clenching & grinding can happen during stress-free periods, but are often brought on because of stress. They can cause tooth damage including chips, cracks, & fractures, & can also lead to severe jaw pain. If you’re experiencing worn down teeth, clicking or popping in the jaw joint, or jaw pain, give your dentist a call.

Gum Disease

One of the more serious oral health concerns is gum disease. Risk factors for developing gum disease can include smoking, diabetes, & dry mouth. More recently, research has shown a correlation between emotions & gum disease. Those in prolonged stressful situations have had a higher incidence of gum disease, & more serious gum disease than those in a more carefree state of mind. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss & whole body concerns like heart disease, so it’s important to avoid the risk factors as much as possible.

Stay Healthy, Relax a Little

At our Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, Linwood, & dental offices, we completely understand that sometimes life can be incredibly stressful, especially during the holidays. It’s our mission to educate & help keep all of our patients healthy — both their mouths & their bodies. If you find yourself stressing out a bit this season, try a few of our tips.

  • Eat. Try your best to maintain a healthy, balanced diet to keep your energy levels high, your nutrition complete, & your body & smile in tip-top shape.
  • Sleep. Sleep is such a wonderful thing, & is usually the first thing we sacrifice when our schedules are packed & our lives are crazy. Make sure to set some time aside for your bed, snuggle in, & relax.
  • Exercise. Whether it’s a daily walk, jog, or yoga session, it’s important to keep your blood pumping. Exercise is naturally stress reducing, so don’t skip that gym day.

If you’re feeling the holiday stress & think your oral health may be compromised, give our offices a call. We’ll invite you into our relaxing office, check out what’s going on, & work with you to develop a personalized treatment so you can smile with confidence & enjoy this holiday season.

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