affordable dentures history of dentures

A Small Bite of History About Dentures


As dental professionals, our ultimate goal is for every one of our patients to live their whole lives without losing their teeth. However, in the unfortunate situation that a patient is missing their teeth, dentures… Read more »

woman with porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers Can Give You a Hollywood Smile


Have you ever looked at a celebrity smile & wished your smile could be equally perfect. Well, it’s no big secret among dentists that most Hollywood stars were not born with perfect teeth. For many celebrities, their Hollywood smiles are achieved with the help of cosmetic dentistry, particularly porcelain veneers.

dentist explaining link between heart disease and gum disease

The Link Between Gum Disease & Heart Disease


Recent studies have revealed that there is a strong correlation between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Gum disease, which is referred to by dentists as periodontitis

School required dental exam for kids
convenient teeth cleaning appointments for working patients

We Respect the Schedules of Our Working Patients


We know the majority of our patients work during the middle of the day. You may not work 9 to 5 exactly (maybe you work 8 to 4) but chances are that in the middle of the day, your employer or clients expect you to be at work or available. That’s why we do our best to offer teeth cleaning appointments that fit your work schedule.

teeth bleaching results

How Teeth Whitening Works


Teeth bleaching is one of the quickest & least invasive ways to make a huge difference in the appearance of your smile. Most dentists offer either in-office teeth whitening, take-home teeth whitening kits, or both

woman with toothache needs emergency dental care

Emergency Dental Care


Even if you take excellent care of your teeth & mouth, sometimes an unforeseen incident could put you in need of emergency dental care. Whether the culprit for your emergency is an injury, a rogue popcorn kernel, or just a mystery toothache, our dental clinic is here for you in an emergency.

chewing tobacco

All About Frenectomies


Frenectomies aren’t all that common in adults, but there are specific instances when the team at our Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, Haddon Heights, Linwood, and Runnemede dental officesRead more »