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The Truth About Chewing Gum


As dentists, we’ll warn you away from sweet treats most of the time, but chewing gum is a surprising exception. That is, as long as it’s sugar-free. Yes, it’s true that sugar-free chewing gum is actually good for your teeth and can help prevent tooth decay.

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3-D Printing & the Future of Dentistry


If you haven’t noticed already, dentists tend to be technology nuts. We’re always looking for the next and best way to provide patients with better versions of dental solutions such as crowns, dentures and dental implants.

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The World’s Most Luxurious Toothbrushes


Would you invest in a luxury toothbrush? A clean, white, & healthy smile can be considered a status symbol: a sign of someone who has excellent habits, an excellent dentist, or both. But what about the tool that gets you there?

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What Your Gums Are Trying to Tell You


One of the challenges that we face as dentists and dental hygienists is the fact that many dental conditions are asymptomatic in the early stages. The word “asymptomatic” means that they don’t cause any symptoms

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Charcoal On A Toothbrush To Whiten Teeth
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Conventional Dentures vs. Overdentures


Tooth loss is still treated by dentures, but there are now special kinds of dentures called overdentures that integrate the latest dental implant technology. Here’s the difference between traditional dentures and overdentures

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