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World Oral Health Day

Can Kissing Cause Cavities?

Kissing comes with risks. You might fall in love, catch a cold, or be grossed out by bad breath. But did you know that kissing someone with poor oral hygiene could increase your… Read more »

eating disorder

Eating Disorders and Oral Health

Affecting nearly 10 million Americans, eating disorders are dangerous diseases that can also lead to some serious health concerns. Whether anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating, every eating disorder increases the chance of heart… Read more »

smile healthy

4 Reasons to Smile

At our Cherry Hill, Gibbsboro, Linwood, and Runnemede dental offices, we love to see our patients smile. Not only because we are in the business… Read more »

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alcohol and your teeth

What Does Alcohol Do To Teeth?

It’s around this time of year when we’re bombarded with parties, family celebrations, and impromptu get togethers. It’s also when we tend to have more alcohol available to us than any other time… Read more »

holiday stress

Holiday Stress and Your Teeth

It’s that time again. Time for feasts, family, shopping, and all the craziness the holidays bring. Between scheduling parties, buying presents, cooking food, and finding room for the in-laws who just told you… Read more »