tips for soothing a toothache

Beat Your Toothache Pain

Almost all of us have experienced a toothache. The pain and inconvenience often associated with a toothache is enough to really put a kink in your plans and your life. And while we’re always happy… Read more »

why we grind our teeth

“That Really Grinds My Teeth!”

Tooth grinding, also known as bruxism, affects around 30 million children and adults. And most of the time, those individuals don’t even realize that they’re doing it! Sometimes it happens only at night. Other times,… Read more »

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Uncovering Cavity Myths

While they are many things that do cause cavities and can increase your susceptibility to cavities, at the New Jersey dental office of Lakeview Dental Care, we want to debunk some of the commonly… Read more »

A History of Dedicated Patient Care

A History of Dedicated Patient Care

Dentists That Focus on What Matters Most

Lakeview Dental Care was founded by practicing dentists that had a goal to provide attentive dentistry in a way that was consistent no matter which dentist you are… Read more »